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A Collaboration with Carolyn Dahl
Artist Carolyn Dahl and I developed a two-person exhibition entitled "Solos and Duets: Works in Clay and Cloth," which was shown at Houston's 18 Hands Gallery. The "Solos" comprised four of Carolyn's hand-painted, hand-dyed art quilts and my stoneware and porcelain pots, including several colored-clay pieces and several Dotaku-inspired vessels. The "Duets" were collaborative pieces — I made the vessels, and Carolyn painted them with underglazes.
Here is a sampling of our collaborative "Duets."
To see more of Carolyn's art, including her four "Solo" art quilts, her nature prints, and her handmade paper vessels, visit her web site at

Painted Vessels

Ink Gesture Vessels

Sponged Pitchers

Rice Bowls with Attitude

Tea Bowls

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